Ted Holzem Memorial Scholarship Supporters

We would like to extend a huge thank to to everyone who has donated in support of the Ted Holzem Memorial Scholarship.  We are thrilled to announce we have reached our goal of a fully endowed scholarship in Ted’s name for the next 20 years!

Abigail Cesena
Advanced Transportation Services
Albert Herson
Amy Yang
Andy Stradler
Antoinette Bertolero
Ascent Environmental Inc
Betsy Smyser
Bicker, Castillo & Fairbanks
California State Association of Counties
Carol Barrett
Carolee and James Harris
Catherine Holzem
Cathy Christian Farnsworth
Chelsey Payne
Commuter Industries
Cris Staedler
Cynthia Leon
Dana Privitt
Darren Hackler
Deann Baker /Prior
Dennis Geiger
Don Holzem
Douglas Svensson
Economic & Planning Systems, Inc
Elizabeth Boyd
Ellen Quinn, Sequoia Kings Employee Assocation
Erik Dekok
George and Linda Paine
George Osner
Heather and Vincent King
Heather Phillips
Hinderliter, de Llamas & Associates
Hing Wong
Hollingsworth and Wordelman
Hurst Brooks Espinoza LLC
James Gross
James Heid
Janet and Stephen Ruggiero
Jeanette Dwinwiddle
Jenna Cederburg

Jennifer Kunz

Jeremy and Kathryn Meis
Jesse Law
Jim Damkowitch and Genevieve Clavier
John and Betty Mott
John and Carole Greening
John Gerken
Juan Borrelli
Julie Morgan
Karen Keene
Kathryn Meis
Kimberly Prillhart/Theda Justiniani
Marcia Heinzen
Margaret and Bob Riddle
Marti Eckert
Matthew and Meghan Hertel
Michael and Joanne Berry
Michael Bell
New Economics & Advisory, LLC
Polar Air & Heating
Renee Funston
Rincon Consultants
Sacramento Valley APA
Sande Stefan
Shari Williams
Shaw, Yoder, and Antwih, Inc
Steven Emrick
Steven Johnson, Julie Allen
Stuart Taylor
Sue and Len Hacker
Terry and Freddie Schutten
Town Of Windsor
Town of Windsor Staff
Tracey Ferguson
Warner & Pank, LLC

Woodie Tescher

Ziebron Group